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Boca da Barra
Boca da Barra
Boca da Barra
Boca da Barra

At the mouth of the Rio do Inferno, this beach is the starting point for boat trips. In Boca da Barra are most of the lodges and some "barracas" where you can eat local dishes. It 'is an ideal beach for swimming and for fishing.

Praia de Tassimirim

Tassimirim is characterized by extensive reef where fishermen fish with nets and catch lobsters and octopuses. Great place to relax and read a book in the shade of his "amendoeiras". Take advantage to bathe in its warm and calm waters.

Praia da Cueira

Immediately after Tassimirim, begins Cueira beach characterized by its white sand and bordered by a wide expanse of coconut trees. At the end of the beach you come to the mouth of the river Oritibe and a rocky promontory that separates it from Moreré. It's a good beach for swimming and for surfing.

Praia do Moreré

Moreré beach is protected by the reef and at low tide you can find fantastic natural pools where you can bathe in warm and clear water. A sandbar at low tide allows long walks to reach the coral reef.

Ponta dos Castelhanos

Ponta dos Castelhanos is one of the less frequented beaches of Boipeba, nesting site for sea turtles. Protected by the reef that reduces the force of the waves, is suitable for diving but also for a simple refreshing bath. The name comes from a Spanish galleon that sank in the sixteenth century, whose wreck is lying on the seabed.

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