• Address:  Rua da praia travessa - Boca da Barra, Cairu , Boipeba, Bahia, Brazil
  • Mobile:  +55 75 9920-0808
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The Beaches

Boca da Barra

Located at the mouth of the Rio do Inferno, this beach is the starting point for boat trips offered by local agencies. This beach is where most of the inns are located, being widely used for swimming or fishing.

Tassimirim beach

Tassimirim is characterized by extensive reef formations where fishermen practice net fishing, diving and shellfishing for octopus and lobsters. Great place to relax and read a book in the shade of its almond trees. Take the opportunity to take a bath in its warm and calm waters.

Cueira beach

Right after Tassimirim, the Cueira beach begins with its white sands dominating the landscape of vast coconut trees. To the south is the mouth of the Oritibe river, in a cove with rock formations. In addition to bathing in the sea, the beach allows for surfing.

Moreré beach

The beach is in front of a formation of reefs where, during low tide, Natural Pools are formed. A sandbar allows long walks along the beach to the coral reefs at low tide. Have fun enjoying the beauty of its waters.

Ponta dos Castelhanos

Ponta dos Castelhanos is one of the most deserted beaches in Boipeba, a spawning point for sea turtles. Protected by a formation of reefs that soften the force of the waves, the area is suitable for diving. The name is a reference to a Spanish galleon that was shipwrecked in the 16th century, whose wreckage is still found today at the bottom of the sea.